What is the difference between taxi and VTC?

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In recent years, VTC companies have gained the upper hand over taxi companies, which have seen their popularity decline. In large and medium-sized cities, it is in fact faster and less expensive to use the services of a private driver.

To be able to distinguish these two modes of passenger transport, for individuals and professionals, let us give you the main differences which allow you to distinguish this profession divided into two parts.

The main difference between a taxi and a VTC

The main difference between a taxi and a VTC lies in the type of service offered to customers. Indeed, the first generally offers short distance journeys, carried out at once. You cannot therefore request availability in advance for a duration that suits you!

In addition, its prices are regulated but cannot be known in advance; they can also vary depending on traffic which, when it is dense, causes a rise in prices. This is not the case for VTC drivers who can offer a price simulation system which, once validated by the customer, does not move regardless of the traffic momentarily.

Historical leader in passenger transport, taxi companies differentiate themselves on the street by the neon that reigns on the top of the car. When the latter is red, it means that it is busy and cannot be reserved, while green announces its availability.

Unlike them, VTCs cannot be easily distinguished from other vehicles on the street. They have no parking spaces provided especially for them in town.

Taxi and VTC: who are their services intended for?

It is important to know that VTCs have always existed and did not appear magically in the lives of the French. However, formerly intended for very wealthy and demanding customers, as well as businessmen and women, they were not within everyone's reach, which is no longer the case today.

Indeed, now democratized and widely used by all individuals in France, the service of private driver has been able to offer journeys adapted to everyone's means thanks to an online reservation system, or via a mobile application, allowing you to know the cost, and to validate it or not.

This is not the case for a taxi trip which makes trips with variable costs at the time. You therefore cannot know exactly the amount you will have to pay!

Training a private driver

You should not think that a VTC has less qualifications than a taxi driver!

In fact, it follows solid training which addresses many areas: respect for the customer, journey safety, a high-end vehicle, additional services... However, it is true that there are much fewer regulatory requirements but this in no way affects the quality of services.

The great strength of a private driver is customization made to each request. During short distances as well as long distances, he creates more contact and shares more with his customers.

We are passionate about our job and this is what allows us to not only be drivers but also traveling and traveling companions! 

Depending on your needs, you can choose to trust a taxi or a VTC. At Luxotica, we do everything we can to help you travel in the best conditions!